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A pre-med program is a course of study intended to prepare students for either allopathic medical school (MD), 骨科医学院(DO), 或足部医学院(DPM). 学生可以选择任何专业,但仍然是医学预科, 但在他或她热爱的专业中会最成功. However, there are common prerequisite science courses required or recommended by medical schools. 此外,学生必须参加医学院入学考试(MCAT)。.


  • 艾琳·劳伯,21岁



    “正是这些人让本笃会如此特别. 我在与优秀教授的关系中感受到的关怀和支持, 专用的同学, and the best coach and teammates I could have asked for are what have helped me to be successful in my medical pursuits. The examples of servant leadership that I experienced daily set standards for how I wish to serve others as a physician. While the academic rigor of Benedictine prepared me well for a career in medicine, I believe it is the genuine relationships and community of compassion that I experienced throughout my four years that prepared me the most.”

  • Leandra Morgenthaler, 21届

    Leandra Morgenthaler, 21届


    “进入本尼迪克特学院真的是一份礼物, 通过医学预科课程,我得到了巨大的支持和鼓励. 个性化的指导对我的日程安排产生了很大的影响, 获得研究经验, 准备MCAT考试和录取程序. Benedictine uniquely places the Catholic faith at the center of all the school does: not only did I receive a well-round education, 我从我的导师和同龄人身上看到了我想成为的人. I hope I can take what I received at Benedictine to serve God in each patient I encounter in the future. 如果让我重新选择在哪里完成我的医学预科, 每次都是本笃会!"

  • 加布LeBeau



    通过小班授课, 有天赋的教员, 课外资源, Benedictine College offered me a welcoming environment that both challenged and excited me to pursue medicine. The robust education pre-med students receive not only leads to a successful medical school application, but it also prepares each student for the academic rigors they will meet in medical school. 更重要的是, Benedictine College’s authentic Catholic liberal arts approach provides its students with the human formation necessary to cultivate the call to one day serve others as a physician. 这种文化教会了我融入社会的重要性, 而不是分离, 我的天主教徒生涯和我的医学生涯, 对此我非常感激.

  • 伊甸园安德森



    “本尼迪克特学院是我对成为一名医生的召唤说‘是’的地方. 我被医学预科生物同学们的勇气和奉献精神所鼓舞, and supported by the excellent faculty who pushed me to achieve high academic performance and provided opportunities for research experience, 临床接触, 志愿者活动, it was here that I realized that I could live out my calling to medicine in an authentically Catholic way.”

  • 布兰登Betsch



    “知识渊博的教授随时待命, 高标准,让你为毕业后的生活做好准备, and an extremely supportive culture tailored to you make this department an ideal learning environment. 如果你愿意投入工作, they have everything else you need to become a successful medical school applicant.”

  • 雅各库欣



    “The education I received at Benedictine College formed a foundation of faith and scholarship that helped me get into and succeed in medical school. 我希望用同样的激情, humility and Christ-like leadership emulated by the faculty and staff of Benedictine to one day provide high-quality care to my patients.”

  • 雷切尔·埃尔南德斯

    雷切尔·埃尔南德斯, 17岁

    2nd LT USAF, 3rd year medical student at 玛丽安大学骨科医学院

    “I believe that choosing Benedictine as my undergraduate institution prepared me for my future medical career in more ways than I could have ever imagined. 从我的领导力课程中, 去植物学和微型实验室, 和我的教授一对一的交流, I was able to develop critical skills that have enabled me to excel in my didactic coursework as well as to provide quality, 对我的病人给予富有同情心的照顾.”

  • 艾米丽·代尔



    “My professors at Benedictine taught me to never stop asking questions and searching for answers. These principles have been essential in my medical school journey and will guide me throughout my career as a physician.”


医学院是学术密集的学校, requiring a heavy load of memorization and the comprehension of complex scientific ideas. 此外, 它需要批判性分析的能力, 过程, 太阳城官网, 并交流所学的信息. A mixture of science and liberal arts classes will give a strong base for success in medical school.

Benedictine College offers a variety of rigorous courses in the sciences and liberal arts that will provide not only the prerequisites needed for medical school, but also the liberal arts framework that helps with critical analysis as well as written and oral communication.


There are common prerequisite courses you have to take to be admitted to medical school, and several majors will allow you to take these prerequisite courses within the major. These majors are academically rigorous, preparing you for the demands of medical school. Some examples of pre-med majors that can help students prepare for medical school are Biology, 生物化学, 心理学, 或化学.

根据美国医学院协会(AAMC), the most common major among matriculated medical students is biology or biochemistry (54% of matriculants), 其次是化学(10%)和心理学(10%)。.


医学院不仅要求学生有优异的学习成绩, but also have a strong record of leadership and service outside of the classroom. 学生s should seek out service opportunities both at the college and in the broader community that demonstrate a desire to help others with compassion and empathy. 此外, 学生应该表现出在不同环境中成为领导者的能力, 建立清晰的个人成熟度. Benedictine College has numerous opportunities to be involved in student organizations, 学术团体, 以及国内外的社区服务项目.


医学院希望学生有强有力的评估信, 保证学生的学术能力和整体动机. 在本笃学院, 因为小班授课和教授指导的研究机会, 学生有很多机会与教授进行一对一的交流. This builds relationships that will not only help with recommendation letter writing, but will provide sustainable professional relationships that will provide a basis of community learning during a student’s undergraduate career and beyond.


玛莎Z. Carletti, Ph值.D.


化学- 3500生物化学1
心理学- 1000普通心理学
心理学- 2503生命的发展
西奥- 3940基督徒的生命伦理
杂志- 1121年普通生物学1带实验室
杂志- 1122年普通生物学2带实验
BIOL-3000/4000 +*高级生物课程
*Molecular and Cellular Biology, Genetics, Immunology, Cell Physiology, Microbiology
  1. 与智力
    1. 在学习不同科目时表现出好奇心.
    2. 努力学习和保留信息.
    3. 参加讲座 & 学术讨论.
  2. 熟悉医疗保健领域
    1. 跟随医生.
    2. 在医院或养老院做志愿者.
    3. 在医疗保健领域工作.
  3. 发展你的研究技能
    1. 在个人研究项目上与教授合作.
    2. Present research findings either at Discovery Day or any applicable science conferences.
  4. 进行志愿者和服务工作
    1. 参与社区活动.
    2. 对他人表示同情和理解.
    3. 拓宽对不同背景和经历的欣赏.
  5. 反思旅程
    1. 认识长处和短处.
    2. 寻找机会提高自己.
  • 洛基维斯塔大学骨科医学院
  • 俄克拉荷马州立大学
  • 在斯蒂尔大学,堪萨斯城大学
  • 堪萨斯骨科医学院
  • 圣路易斯大学
  • 威斯康星大学
  • 托莱多大学医学院
  • 化身世界大学骨科医学院
  • 堪萨斯大学医学中心
  • 威奇托堪萨斯大学医学中心
  • 堪萨斯城医学和生物科学大学
  • 克莱顿大学
  • 北达科他大学
  • 华盛顿大学
  • 华盛顿州立大学
  • 内布拉斯加大学医学中心
  • 密苏里大学
  • 伊利诺伊大学
  • 俄克拉荷马大学
  • 西密歇根大学
  • 南达科他大学
  • 密苏里大学堪萨斯城分校
  • 密苏里大学
  • 玛丽安大学骨科医学院
  • 罗斯大学医学院
  • 美国加勒比大学医学院
  • 得梅因大学足部医学与外科学院
  • 罗莎琳德富兰克林大学
  • 加州大学欧文分校

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